Umbraco7 post screen to change the font size and color


modify the following config/TinyMceConfig.

<!--Add the font selection-->
            <tinyMceCommand value="" userInterface="true" frontendCommand="fontselect">fontselect</tinyMceCommand>
        <!--Add the font size selection-->
            <tinyMceCommand value="" userInterface="true" frontendCommand="fontsizeselect">fontsizeselect</tinyMceCommand>
        <!--Add the font color selection-->
            <tinyMceCommand value="" userInterface="true" frontendCommand="forecolor">forecolor</tinyMceCommand>
        <!-- Stagger the priority: -->

Add the following plugins tags at the bottom of the.

        <plugin loadOnFrontend="true">textcolor</plugin>

In order to add the buttons to modify the font in the rich text editor actually after making the above changes, edit the development menu data type from the Administration screen of Umbraco.

Let's check 'fontselect', 'fontsizeselect', 'forecolor', as in the following figure, choose a RichText editor

(Does not reflect modified the first config file does not restart IIS. If, in such as rental Server

From the management menu to restart the server. )





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