Package 7 election you want to hold it if you use Umbraco


Umbraco is strong enough even without having to put the package. In particular grid editor is a minor version upgrade features added in (added in 7.1 → 7.2) important feature added to the unbelievably with.

In addition, the document type is also a very flexible mechanism, it can not prevent you without package most things.

It is such Umbraco, but in richer With the package, you can get a sophisticated additional functions. (It is natural)


First of all, here to be easier to use a grid editor. I can, such as the following.

  • From the development section, Grid Editor customize, create a new

How can can be done to customize the grid editor from config/grid.editors.config.js , Its work in the GUI is a tool that allows for the development section.

The official is, so have recommended extended by app_plugins directory, Editors and require complicated processing, it is not suitable for an editor for providing a plug,

Handy when you want to customize the input using the default editor.


A package that gives an editor that can handle hierarchical item as one of the input items

Very will to rely on if you do something like the following.

  • Number of variable input items
  • I want more than one item to people unity
  • I want to sort multiple items freely

For example, you want to register multiple images for the slide show, but for the image one by one, you can combine them into one if you like I want to also register such as the title and remarks.

Functionally, you can cope with, such as List View of Umbraco standard, but it is often better to use the Archetype is the natural structure of the document type.

However, it is too dependent on the Archetype is too much intensive, so you also considered that it that may become difficult to upgrade, Usage, we want to use it to observe the capacity properly.


It is a package that can be referenced to Google Analytics from the management screen.

referring to google analytics from the back office of Umbraco

In fact, it is a lot that would look directly GoogleAnalytics, it is not so sure, but it is there and happy package.

It is a very nice UI is also clean.

CMS Import

wordpress or other blog, excel and access, also from csv or xml is importable import tool. It is paid more than a certain import of scale, but it is such a time what an indispensable tool.

Umbraco Forms

Umbraco is a pay package of Pro.

What form it is also can be created freely from the management screen.

Operation or at the time of transmission, customize, such as confirmation screen is also available in abundance, but there is a fee, This is the one I want packages to people site.

You can also or concerns to throw to the Slack of fashion recently.


I never used, but it is very sophisticated e-commerce system. Downloads many, it is a package that you want to try it once.


It is this site.

It is the author. It is propaganda.

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