Install Velstand


Web Platform Installer to install

Installer available on the site below to use the Web Platform Installer (since then Web PI) installed.


Installing Umbraco CMS

Web PI upper right search box enter "Umbraco".


Press the Add button on the right side of the umbraco CMS and press the install button in the bottom right.

clipboard_20141109_212347.png (1)

Sets the password for the database administrator

  • You may use when something, so keep.


Here, select SQL Server.


By clicking 'I agree' and start the installation.


Laid back wait it takes time because ( is only the first time, in some cases hours.? it takes also. Too long )


Copy the database password will be displayed as 'complete' (after use)


And completed app called WebMatrix rising automatically, then browser also automatically for launch, so keep your eyes.

Enter a 'Name', 'E-Mail', 'Password', ' Customize ' pick.


Enter the information for the database you have just saved.



Select the [No thanks, I do not want to install a starter website].


To install the Velstand

Velstand package download

From development menu

In the image below in order the package to install Umbraco. (Select the zip file you downloaded in 5 above) install_velstand.png

#### Do the setting of the macro

It will operate in the following order of image.

It will operate in the following order of image.

It will operate in the following order of image. (Change the VelstandSelectWidget to MacroContainer, select all of the macro)

It will operate in the following order of image.

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